Lakai Vincent Alvarez TVAII

Lakai Vincent Alvarez TVAII
8 marzo, 2016 Customizarte Skate Shop

Os dejamos con el nuevo video de presentación de las nuevas Lakai Vincent Alvarez que nos acaban de llegar a la shop. Mismo concepto de comodidad en la línea de las griffin, pero cada vez diferenciándose un poco más de su modelo de origen. Suela vulcanizada y perfil bajo para un patín rápido y técnico. Las recomendamos para skaters que buscan un gran tacto y comodidad desde el primer día hasta el último. Así es Lakai y así son las nuevas Vincent Álvarez.

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In a day and age where there is a growing spotlight on the monetary gains from being pro, Vincent Alvarez brings a fresh and working class perspective. When he should have been studying in the library for his next class project he spent double digit hours working in a meat packing plant. Natural ability combined with a willingness to hurl himself at speed Mr. Alvarez turned heads at first sight of his push during the King of LA contest in 2007. With one foot supplying the forward momentum the other thrusts the board forward, his push is more like a small leap. He skates with a haste that can be likened to a poor unfortunate after he stumbled upon an upset badger. Maybe he skates the way he does because the memory of his previous occupation still haunts him? Only he knows but as a rookie pro he skates with a style and attitude of a seasoned vet. Picking tricks out of his bag at will, regular or switch with equal ability he’s versatile and able to skate anything you put in front of him.”
Aquí el vídeo de presentación de la zapatilla: